Service Specials

Brake Fluid Exchange
Retail $209.95 | Save 35.00

Exchanging your brake fluid can prevent corrosion and failure to those metal components
Helps maintain those expensive brake parts like ABS module & traction control system from failing
Helps keep your brakes responsive and safe

Transmission Fluid Exchange
Retail $399.95 | Save $35.00

Help prevent transmission issues in the future
This service can also improve the overall efficiency of your engine
Benefit of flushing out your transmission fluid versus a drain & fill, virtually all the old much and fluid will be thoroughly cleaned out when flushed. A simple drain & fill cannot guarantee it all has been removed.

4-Wheel Balance & 4-wheel Alignment, Rotation

Extend the life of your tires
Balanced tires get better gas mileage
Safer, smoother ride
Less damage to other suspension components

Differential Gear Oil
Retail $129.95 | Save $15.00

One of the most important parts of a vehicle powertrain and one of the most expensive ones
Keeping fluid clean, helps the differential adjust speeds of wheels around curves
Ensures wheels will turn at the speeds they need to turn and offer the car maximum stability during a drive.
Help reduce heat friction between metal to metal contact between gears.